18th Birthday

The cutest, sweetest, nicest, girl turned 18 yesterday.  Madison is my cousin and I just adore her.  I remember her as a baby like it was yesterday.  She was my first cousin I remember being born, and the cousin I wanted to hold all the time.  Now just like that she is 18 and seriously so amazing.  I always think she would be so fun to hang out with, but Im sure the last thing she wants to do is hang out with her married cousin.  haha!  For Christmas as long as I can remember our families have breakfast together and I always love to see what Madison got because she never has anything like anyone else.  Last year for Christmas she asked for a cheese making kit.  Seriously!  I love that!  I love this girl and hope she had a fabulous birthday, and enjoyed her birthday cake!


  1. joni, this cake really is absolutely incredible!!! i am in love with it. i wish it was my wedding cake.